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How to be our agent and what you can get

Published :2018-11-02

One of my agent from Georgia

It was in 2016 when i first met with Lasha , he came from Georgia and have his first visit in guangzhou where a carton fair was hold , After he finished his visiting in the fair , he searched china cnc router on website, then he found our company and called me directly, after confirmed about the machine details and prices , he decided to visit our factory in jinan city .

Then we have our first met with each other .

He came here with his another supplier, they stayed in jinan for 2 days , and went to 5 manufactures in local , when he visited in our factory , since his English is not good , he looked very cool and did not talk so much, and also have few questions too , That really made me a little nervous that i was worried he was not satisfied with our factory and our machines , which was proved to be wrong later.

After he went back to Georgia, Lasha seems disappear, He never gave me a message until 3 month later , he let me make quotation for 5 sets cnc router with different quotation , It surprised me because he said our factory and i had left an excellent expression on him , And he already built his sale internet in the past half year , and here we can cooperation .

It has been 2 years since our cooperation , It really very appreciate to meet Lasha , He helped me a lot in my career life , Will continue offering best service with big passion and professionalism, I am Bella , you can contact me when you have questions about cnc machine .

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